Personal Responsibility: 0; Bad Decisions: 1: A man is suing Bumble Bee Foods, claiming he got mercury poison from their canned tuna. The dude ate ten cans a week. The National Resources Defense Council recommends not going over one can of chunk light tuna every three days for people over 150 pounds. via AOL Health

Cash Keeps You Healthy: Researchers studying people’s junk food purchasing habits have concluded that people paying with plastic bought more unhealthy foods. via Bloomberg Businessweek

Cheese, Lies, and Pizza: Eater takes Domino’s to task over its “Wisconsin Six-Cheese Pizza,” on which only a third of the cheese is made in Wisconsin. via Eater

Tuna Can’t Get a Break: Satellite data from the European Space Agency reveals that one-fifth of the juvenile Atlantic bluefin tuna were killed by pollution from the BP oil spill. via Grist

A Good Read: After eating chicken tartare at a new restaurant in Berkeley, California, SF Weekly‘s Jonathan Kauffman gets on the horn with the authorities to try to figure out if it’s really safe. What unfolds is a funny tale of government bureaucracy, tattletale paranoia, and calculated risk taking.

Deaths, Firings, Recalls, and Other Endings:

A Texas food processing plant was shut down after four people died from contaminated celery.

Debuts, Openings, and Other Beginnings:

The Daily Meal, a new food site headed by Colman Andrews (ex-Saveur editor-in-chief), launches.

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