Barbie is now a TV chef. Omigod! I feel the urge to be snarky and make a Rachael Ray joke, but then the reasonable side of me kicks in. Rachael Ray is no Barbie doll. Rachael Ray, after all, has never said, “Math class is tough!”

The Mattel Barbie I Can Be TV Chef Playset (“I can be TV chef?” Is that good English?) comes with a working mixer and a “magical” oven, which turns a plastic “unbaked” cake into a plastic “baked” cake. There’s even “professional-style” fake lighting and little plastic pretend TV cameras. And the plastic countertops appear to be faux granite!

By the way, if you’ve ever wanted a Rachael Ray doll, the folks at have got you all set up (keffiyeh not included).

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