rworange recently tasted what she thought was some kind of deep-fried goose or turkey leg. Actually, it was a free-range, corn-fed leg of armadillo, and it was fabulous, she says. “It was crispy on the outside with succulent, rich meat,” says rworange. “My first thought was turkey, but the bone was too small and this was richer tasting.”

“When I got the armadillo leg I figured for some reason they decided to fry some sort of poultry in lard and it was greasy, glorious goodness,” she says. “Greasy like bacon is greasy … good greasy. It had sort of a carnitas texture about it. I was thinking that maybe this was some sort of goose carnitas and that was why they used what smelled like lard.”

“Think of the best turkey or goose you’ve ever had,” says rworange, “but much, much better.”

Discuss: Eating free-range, corn-fed leg of armadillo – One of the tastiest things I’ve tried in my life

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