The new Oakland restaurant A Soul Food Experience lives up to its name, says jillyju.

Fried chicken dinner “was four pieces of piping hot, freshly fried chicken, all of which were moist and juicy with a crisp coating. Loved it.” You can also get a fried chicken dinner with just wings. Both come with two sides and cornbread.

Black-eyed peas come swimming in a rich broth full of meat; cabbage is spiked with plenty of bacon. Stewed okra is really tasty, and candied yams are achingly sweet. Macaroni and cheese seems very fresh, with loads of paprika on top, with a mildly sweet taste that’s reminiscent of noodle kugel.

Other main dishes include smothered steak, fried fish, and barbecue; other sides are rice with gravy, green beans, peas, and mashed potatoes. For dessert, there’s red velvet cake and apple pie.

It’s a pleasant space with plenty of windows and light, friendly staff, and plenty of families dining in.

A Soul Food Experience [East Bay]
10739 MacArthur Boulevard, Oakland

Board Link: A Soul Food Experience

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