Sabor Especial is an itty-bitty mostly takeout Salvadoran and Mexican place in Chelsea that makes up for its small size with immense grooviness. “It’s got that trendy under the bridge vibe which is all the rage,” says Alcachofa. The food stands up to the atmosphere, particularly the grilled meats, “the star of the show,” says Alcachofa.

Dinner starts with fresh-from-the-fryer tortilla chips and house-made salsa. There are Mexican items on the menu (tacos, enchiladas, fajitas), as well as meat plates that come with either rice and beans or vegetables and rice. Alcachofa says stick to the rice and beans; the vegetables aren’t so great. Alcachofa was particularly dazzled by the shrimp: “plump, perfectly grilled.” StriperGuy says all the meats he tried were swell: “obviously nicely marinated prior to grilling.”

To drink, horchata is fine if a little corn-y tasting, and atole, the thick corn “meal in a cup,” according to StriperGuy, is also available.

Sabor Especial [North Shore]
83 Williams Street, Chelsea

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