After I moved from the High Plains to New York City, I was perplexed when, on my first day at the office, a coworker offered me a “soda.” “Hmm,” I thought to myself, “having an ice cream soda in the middle of the workday is pretty decadent.” I soon realized my mistake.

But I needn’t have suffered embarrassment if I had had a copy of the Pop Vs Soda Map from Strange Maps, a blog that collects, well, strange maps.

Looking at the map is oddly soothing, with its clearly delineated markings between Soda and Pop users, and those crazy Southern folks who call any carbonated beverage Coke. But what’s up with Alaska? I know it’s our biggest state and all, but depending on where you are in that great state, you could hear any of the three beverage sobriquets.

In the past, Strange Maps has collected maps on such other chow-related topics as North America’s Place-Based Food Traditions and where the hogs are.

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