What whole-wheat pastas won’t ruin or overwhelm your pasta dishes? cyberroo likes Barilla Plus multigrain pasta for its ability to pass as ordinary pasta. “I think I actually served it to my in-laws without them noticing,” says cyberroo. Cheese Boy likes a slightly different product under the Barilla brand, Barilla Whole Grain, made with 51 percent whole-wheat flour. “That 49% difference makes this pasta appealing even to those who dislike whole wheat,” says Cheese Boy. “Best of all, you’re getting the benefits of eating whole wheat and ∗all∗ sauces are well accepted by this pasta.” Kelli2006 finds that even people who don’t like whole-wheat pasta enjoy the earthiness of Barilla Whole Grain.

Emme likes the nutty flavor of Bob’s Red Mill whole-wheat pasta. roxlet thinks Ronzoni makes a good whole-wheat pasta; beachmouse prefers Target’s Archer Farms brand whole-wheat penne; and cvhound actually prefers Safeway’s O Organics brand whole-wheat pasta to regular pasta. “It tastes great in a cold pasta salad!” says cvhound.

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