Thanksgiving: the most terrifying holiday of the year, even for experienced cooks. Everybody needs help.

This is an app that does one thing and one thing only: It walks you through Thanksgiving week, step by step, so everything comes out on time and tasting great.

Enough with the overwhelming list of recipes, from easy to hard. Enough with the fancy nonturkey meals. How about ALL EASY? How about STRAIGHTFORWARD STEPS and a CLEAR TIMELINE? Please excuse the all-caps; these are just things we feel strongly about.

We offer you the nine dishes that everybody wants to make for Thanksgiving. Choose one or all. And we’ll create the timeline that takes you right up to dinnertime.

No one does it this basic. CHOW has done it. Download the app from the app store or use this easy link. After all, it’s free. And you can delete it on November 26.

No thanks necessary.

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