LiveJournal user kawaiikiki is more than a little obsessed with bento. She recently posted a photo of her 101st bento box lunch, and while it looked attractive and tasty (veggie fried rice, sautéed green beans with cashews, and tofu patties), it just didn’t have the eye-candy appeal of her side project: the Bento Challenge.

For the challenge, kawaiikiki posts a theme a week, and participants try to create a bento box lunch based around it. Past themes have included games, which produced a Scrabble bento from bentomama complete with letter tiles, and a backgammon bento from cloud9food with rice dice. A movie-themed challenged yielded an adorable Monsters, Inc. bento from ljforlj, and a WALL-E bento displaying clever use of tofu by Anna-Sophie. And this Taurus bento for the astrological-sign challenge is almost too cute to eat.

But perhaps the bentos that’ve gotten the most excited geek-out responses were vingtdeux’s Tatooine and stormtrooper creations, made for the Star Wars challenge in May. With clever use of forbidden rice and tofurkey, vingtdeux has truly shown that the bento force is with her. The Star Wars bento got a shout-out on Geekadelphia, and Emily Matchar at Slashfood included it as one of her regular Box Lunch picks.

You can see more of vingtdeux’s (a.k.a. Rena’s) food art on her Flickr page.

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