Perla Del Pacifico is the only Colombian seafood restaurant in LA, and it’s a real gem, says streetgourmetla. More important, it focuses on the little-known cuisine of the Pacific coast of Colombia—almost all the Colombian food you get in the States comes in the style of the Caribbean coast. The Pacific coast stuff has European, African, Arabic, and Japanese influences, but the African influences dominate. There’s all sorts of unique Pacifico stuff here, like encocados of shrimp, black clams, fish, and crab cooked in coconut milk.

The excellent arroz de mariscos has ample amounts of mussels, clams, and baby octopus—it’s almost as substantial as paella. Perla Del Pacifico serves perfectly fried patacon, among the best streetgourmetla has ever had. And the shrimp empanada is a crunchy, bright-yellow fried object that tastes like a classic Colombian empanada.

Perla Del Pacifico [San Fernando Valley—East]
12727 Sherman Way Suite #B-8, North Hollywood

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