In a modern nod to “Waiter, what’s this fly doing in my soup?” the Consumerist presents an anecdote of a “use by” sticker ending up in an Applebee’s meal, and the restaurant’s lack of reaction to said sticker.

Or “cross-contamination,” depending upon how seriously you want to portray the incident. The lively comments that follow break more or less into two camps:

“Suck it up”—

I read consumerist to hear about important happenings. It just seems that lately it has turned into a bitch-fest with every other story being about a minor slight against some poor guy somewhere. Yeah the Applebees should have replaced the food but is it news? We always get the side of the consumer and let’s face it—most consumers are total dicks who just want to profit from some tiny incident.

And “adulterated food”—

This story is not about someone looking to profit. This is not a story about someone being a total dick. This is someone who made an entirely reasonable request, which was agreed to, then not performed and lied about.

Sorry you don’t feel that being served adulterated food is a ‘big’ enough story.

Incidentally, the fly is usually doing the backstroke, in the classic answer to the timeless fly/soup complaint.

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