Café Contigo is a brilliant little Cuban coffeehouse. “It opened about two weeks ago with little fanfare, but it should get some soon—the coffee is fantastic,” says Das Ubergeek. “… The Americans spawned the $4 coffee revolution but the Cubans have been quietly making the best coffee for 300 years or so.”

Café con leche—“which is essentially a caffe latte, but slightly sweetened with raw molasses, and no bloody foam”—is just perfect, “still a little bitter but not the unpalatable alum feeling of completely unsweetened coffee,” says Das Ubergeek. And refugiado, the famed guava-cheese pastry, is Porto’s refugiado, literally. Café Contigo makes many of its pastries in-house, but it imports its refugiado from Porto’s in Glendale. The refugiados are made at Porto’s off-site bakery, frozen, sent to Café Contigo, then rebaked. Because this is precisely how Porto’s handles its own refugiados, the pastries taste exactly the same. So for all you sad Orange County hounds who’ve been pining away for those oh-so-perfect refugiados, rejoice.

The sandwiches are made in-house, and they’re very, very tasty, says Das Ubergeek. Medianoche is quite nice, and the hummus-and-avocado veggie sandwich is a must-try, says dvestre.

“The owners, Linda and Petros, are two of the nicest people you could ever possibly meet,” adds peanut112. The ambiance is rustic and pleasant, and right now the restaurant’s basically empty. “The only thing lacking is more satisfied customers,” says crt.

Café Contigo [Orange County]
327 S. Anaheim Boulevard Suite A, Anaheim

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