Here’s what happens when garden cooking sessions go wrong: You get a recipe for squirrel with red wine and juniper. A Telegraph (UK) writer recently headed over to cook some fruit and veg with the director of a reconstructed Victorian kitchen garden; as it turns out, the guy spotted a better opportunity and seized it.

“An enthusiast for anatomy and wildlife, he happened to spot a gray squirrel by the side of the road, still warm after being hit by a car. Did I fancy cooking it? Well, of course I did.”

The victim, a medium-sized gray squirrel, is a not-very-popular pest in England—gray squirrels threaten the native red variety and generally just cheese people off with their cheeky antics, much as they do all over the world.

The Telegraph story also contains an informational video that will be of interest to particularly morbid or carnivorous viewers. WARNING: Do not click on this link unless you are ready to see a dead squirrel dismembered and turned into delicious-looking vittles.

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