Bánh xèo, the crisp and delicate Vietnamese rice-flour-and-coconut-milk crêpes, are consistently top-notch at Lotus Garden, hounds say. Though susancinsf finds them addictive, she notes that LG’s version is not quite as coco-licious as the formerly great rendition at Binh Minh Quan (sadly gone downhill). Yummy Yummy is her second favorite.

bigwheel042 likes Lotus Garden’s, but prefers the version at Ngoc Mai.

For a Cambodian spin on the dish, daveena recommends Battambang; Hunicsz adds that it’s a great restaurant all around.

Golden Era has surprisingly tasty vegan bánh xèo, says Windy (elsewhere, the filling often contains shrimp and pork).

And Bodega Bistro’s bánh xèo are good, says Robert Lauriston, if not great.

Lotus Garden [Bernal Heights]
3216 Mission Street, San Francisco

Binh Minh Quan [East Bay]
338 12th Street, Oakland

Yummy Yummy [Sunset]
1015 Irving Street, San Francisco

Ngoc Mai Restaurant [Tenderloin]
547 Hyde Street, San Francisco

Battambang [East Bay]
850 Broadway, Oakland

Golden Era Vegetarian [Tenderloin]
572 O’Farrell Street, San Francisco

Bodega Bistro [Tenderloin]
607 Larkin Street, San Francisco

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