Dried cherries are fab in baked goods, but they’re also great in savory dishes. “They give a flavor burst that fresh cherries don’t give,” says sarah galvin.

cocktailhour soaks dried cherries in port, then makes a reduction for duck breasts. smile81 simmers them in port with a splash of balsamic vinegar to make a sauce for pork.

WCchopper uses dried cherries in lamb meatballs. sarah galvin adds them to fresh ingredients to make compote, which she says is great with lamb and wild game.

lcool likes them with wild rice, or as a side dish or salad made with good oil, shallots, and sweet onions. lgss recommends adding them to a quinoa pilaf.

PattiCakes combines bagged broccoli slaw, toasted pine nuts, dried cherries, and coleslaw dressing. phoenikia makes this Waldorf salad, which includes dried cherries. Janet and quazi add them to tossed salads.

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