Nica’s Kitchen “is dedicated to comida Nicaragüense and presenting typical dishes,” says streetgourmetla. It’s a hot, humid little hole in the wall—“I actually felt like I was in Nicaragua. … But, such a wonderful dive and one of my new favorites.”

Carne asada Nicaragüense is fantastic, with every sort of texture and temperature all on one plate. It includes carne asada, gallo pinto (rice and beans), soft and sweet plantains, crispy plantains, ensalada (a lightly pickled slaw, much like Salvadoran curtido), and queso frito (fried cheese), all for $9. Cebollitas—the Nicaraguan sweet, spicy pickled onion—tops the whole affair, and makes a great condiment.

Monday’s menu is limited, Tuesday the restaurant’s closed. But they have specials Wednesday through Sunday. On weekends, you can get Nicaragua’s famed nacatamal and vaho (a.k.a. baho)—a mixture of meat, plantains, and yucca cooked in banana leaves.

Nica’s Kitchen [San Fernando Valley—East]
11640 Victory Boulevard, North Hollywood

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