There is a fantastic Islamic Chinese place in Anaheim. It’s Mas’ Islamic Restaurant, and, says Das Ubergeek, it’s even better than San Gabriel’s beloved China Islamic.

Dough cut noodles with lamb are excellent, with just slightly al dente noodles, says Das Ubergeek. Mu shu chicken is also great. But the true winner is the scrumptious thin sesame bread. The portion is enormous: $8.50 buys you five foot-wide rounds.

Lamb with pickled cabbage is a pleasant surprise, says OCchowman: “not too pickly, with a nice contrast between the slightly crunchy cabbage and the lamb.” It’s good for those with a slight fear of lamb—the pickle masks the intense lambiness. Stir-fried lamb is also good, as are five-spice beef and leeks, and cumin lamb.

The place is nice-looking, gracious, and very Islamic. This means no alcohol, “and they turned away a family in shorts as we were leaving, asking them to attire themselves modestly,” says Das Ubergeek.

Avoid the gloppy, Americanized Chinese food that populates much of the menu. You may have to fight to get Islamic dishes if you look too gringo, though. Some of the waitstaff will try to push you toward the Americanized dishes, unless you insist.

Mas’ Islamic Restaurant [Orange County]
601 E. Orangethorpe Avenue, Anaheim

China Islamic Restaurant [San Gabriel Valley]
7727 E. Garvey Avenue, Rosemead

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