Less than a mile from downtown Flushing, where sleek Chinese chain bakeries abound, the humble mom-and-pop survivor Carnation turns out sweets that “kick the ass of any fancy bakery in town,” bigjeff promises.

Its “cheese Danish,” as the English label calls it, is a pillowy bun generously filled with coconut custard, crowned with a square of crackly thin pastry sprinkled with black sesame—”insane,” jeff says, “a hot, cheesy, custardy, layery bag of deliciousness.” The pineapple bun (so named not for its flavor or ingredients but for the crisscross scoring on its sugary crust) is another winning specialty, made plain or with fillings like taro or red bean. Get one plain and they’ll slice it open and make a chicken or fried fish sandwich for around $1.50—”dumb cheap,” jeff notes.

Carnation Bakery [Flushing]
46-05 Kissena Boulevard (near Juniper Avenue), Flushing, Queens

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