Japan, never content to merely dominate the race for Edgy Food Capital of the World, has put yet more space between itself and anyone else who would think to challenge its title.

The Telegraph reports on a Yokohama ice cream festival that did its best to go as far beyond scoops of chocolate, vanilla, and green tea as humanly possible:

‘We have ice cream from all over Japan—from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south—but beef tongue has been the one that people keep coming back for,’ [organizer Manabu Matsumoto] said.

More than 125 varieties of ice cream have been available in the two week festival, including cheese, octopus, prawn and a garlic variety called Dracula Premium Ice. Another favourite was flavoured with very finely sliced pieces of pearl from the traditional pearl-growing region of Japan’s inland sea.

Also popular: raw-horse ice cream. Sure. Why not?

Feeling up for some Japanese summer treats but not up for raw meat in your sundae? CHOW offers a Japanese red bean ice cream recipe that looks exotically delicious without including anything severed from an animal.

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