Nepal—just hearing the name conjures up visions of forbiddingly rugged terrain and raw natural beauty. Tintin landed here on his way to Tibet. Trekkers from all nations come to Nepal to test themselves against the mountains.

And soon, those trekkers may be able to feast on Pizza Hut products.

Nepal is one of the last countries in the world without international fast-food chains, according to Yahoo! Asia News, which reports that the success of a locally grown chain of bakery restaurants is inspiring potential franchise owners to bring fast food to Nepal. The local Pepsi bottler is hoping to open a Pizza Hut by the end of the year, and a KFC may soon follow.

Although it would certainly be nice to imagine there is a place in the world that is unmarred by Extra Value Meals, the reality is that apparently the Nepalese are a lot like us. According to the piece: “The lifestyles of the young in the cities are changing and so are their eating habits. Nuclear families in which both spouses are working are becoming the norm. Eating out has become convenient, and not just on special occasions.” Hmm, sounds familiar. Hopefully this doesn’t mean there will be a load of fast-food wrappers added to the big trash pile on Mount Everest.

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