Next to all of the fantastic xiao long bao, pork and shrimp dumplings, and other meaty delights in the Bay Area, vegetarian dumplings tend to be a menu afterthought, says Eris48. But many hounds answered his call to recommend places where the veggie dumplings aren’t just bland concessions to vegetarians.

“Yank Sing’s vegetarian dumplings are really good,” says daveena. “I wasn’t super-impressed with their standard dim sum offerings (they’re fine but didn’t convince me they were worth the premium price), but many of the veg dumplings were ones I haven’t seen anywhere else. I especially liked the snow pea shoot dumpling, and the mushroom dumpling (both flavorful fillings encased in a translucent rice wrapper).”

Dave MP listed the vegetarian dumplings at Shanghai House as one of his top tastes of 2007. He doesn’t recall exactly what’s in them but says the combination is flavorful.

San Tung has several vegetarian varieties of very good boiled dumplings known a jiaozi, says yen4food, all made in-house.

Shan Dong’s vegetarian dumplings can be enjoyed at the restaurant or bought frozen to cook at home, says Michael Rodriguez.

Sarah may have been dubious about Harmony Restaurant when it first opened in late 2006, but she has since attended a vegan reception there and says it was “fantastic.” There are lots of vegetarian dim sum and noodle dishes on the menu.

Robert Lauriston likes the veggie dumplings at Hong Kong East Ocean Seafood.

And, on the Tibetan side, the vegetarian momos at Taste of the Himalayas are “absolutely delicious,” says kresge86.

Yank Sing [Embarcadero]
101 Spear Street, San Francisco

Yank Sing [SOMA]
49 Stevenson Street, San Francisco

Shanghai House [Richmond District]
3641 Balboa Street, San Francisco

San Tung Chinese Restaurant [Sunset]
1031 Irving Street, San Francisco

Shan Dong Mandarin Restaurant [East Bay]
328 10th Street, Oakland

Harmony Restaurant [Marin County]
800 Redwood Highway #401, Mill Valley

Hong Kong East Ocean Seafood [East Bay]
3199 Powell Street, Emeryville

Taste of the Himalayas [Marina]
2420 Lombard Street, San Francisco

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