In a neighborhood deep in dumplings, the ones at Sifu Chio stand out. PaMa says this hole in the wall in the heart of Flushing’s Chinatown makes the most authentic Hong Kong hawker-style wonton in New York: delicate bites of thin egg dough enclosing a meaty filling, served in broth with or without noodles. Try watercress dumplings, made fresh to order, or delightfully light fried wonton. “My husband says he hears harp music every time he bites into one,” PaMa writes of the latter.

On the other side of Main Street is another worthy dumpling destination, the newish Yipin. Cygne18 loves its boiled thistle dumplings and handmade sesame noodles in red pepper sauce, both prepared with home-style care. By the way, Yipin turns up in a recent New York Times spread that highlights many longtime hound hangouts in Chinese Flushing, laid out on a nifty interactive map.

For a more substantial nosh, erica endorses Shanghai Tide’s version of Dongpo pork, the slow-braised Hangzhou classic—way better than the one at Yeah Shanghai, a past hound favorite in Manhattan’s Chinatown. On the English menu, look for “Mr. Shu’s Pork” among the house specialties.

And in the ever-popular meat-on-a-stick category, Polecat has sniffed out a street cart called Xin Jiang that hawks northwest Chinese–style kebabs of chicken, lamb, or beef—moist, flavorful, and just a buck apiece. “Tell the guy to make them hot,” Polecat adds, “and he’ll sprinkle enough spicy flakes on to propel you to your next destination, say, for some hot peppercorns at Chengdu Tian Fu, or even to cool off with a pearl tea somewhere.”

Sifu Chio [Flushing]
40-09 Prince Street (at 40th Road), Flushing, Queens

Yipin [Flushing]
40-04 Union Street (near Roosevelt Avenue), Flushing, Queens

Shanghai Tide [Flushing]
135-20 40th Road (between Main and Prince streets), Flushing, Queens

Xin Jiang vendor [Flushing]
38th Avenue just east of Main Street, Flushing, Queens
No phone available

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