Sometimes a long simmer of tomatoes can still lack depth. Hounds have a number of tricks for bringing out the tomato flavor in a basic sauce for pasta.

If you’re starting with fresh tomatoes, try roasting them slowly to concentrate their flavor, suggests fourunder. You can even roast drained whole canned tomatoes and use those to make sauce.

“I add two anchovy fillets or in a pinch, a shot of fish sauce,” says Duppie. “It’s amazing how it adds to the depth of flavor.” “You can also sauté 2 to 3 tablespoons of tomato paste in a nonstick pan, stirring constantly, until it starts to caramelize,” recommends weezycom. “Nothing adds depth of flavor like tomato sauce,” concurs Caroline1.

“You can’t make a good tomato sauce without a little sugar, along with the salt,” asserts Another Mother. “It expands the flavor noticeably.” coll adds sweetness with finely chopped or puréed carrots rather than adding sugar to her sauce. And, she says, “A dash of vodka toward the end … really adds something.”

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