Robert Lauriston says that T-Rex’s spareribs are reliably great: “That’s my go-to place and order when I crave barbecue. Brisket seems more variable.”

“I’ve found the brisket at T-Rex to be a bit dry, but the long-cut short rib is HEAVEN,” says lexdevil. “The mild sauce has about as much flavor as ketchup, minus the vinegar. Hot is substantially better. The short rib, however, needs no help.”

Uncle Willie’s serves Robert Lauriston’s favorite brisket in the East Bay, but virtualguthrie describes it as: “Chopped, not sliced, good but not great. It could have been smokier and perhaps a little less fatty. However it was nice and tender and overall a satisfying experience.” On the other hand, the house-made links are “definitely a star. Homemade, coarse ground, and smoked to perfection. Not the most aesthetically appealing, but they really deliver in the flavor department.” virtualguthrie also detected some “spicy overtones,” perhaps from cloves, cinnamon, or coriander, and definitely a lot of black pepper. “If you like links, Willie’s is the place to get ’em.”

“I really like the brisket and ribs at Bo’s,” says Cheesy Oysters. “Links are good but not as chunky as Everett and Jones. It’s a little trippy to be able to get good beer and wine at Bo’s but that’s something I can get used to.”

As for Everett and Jones, quality varies by branch, says Cheesy Oysters: “I used to live near a local Everett and Jones and loved their ribs and links and sauce.” However, the location on Broadway near Jack London Square isn’t as good. According to jillyju, the location on Fruitvale in Oakland is worth it though: “I’ve now been twice, and each time the ribs were outstanding, as were the links.”

Finally, Munching Mark wants to put in a good word for KC’s Bar-B-Que. “Smooth sauce, nice as heck people, funky setting,” he says. “The links are as good as any I’ve had, and the pork BBQ is also wonderful.”

T-Rex Barbeque [East Bay]
1300 10th Street, Berkeley

Uncle Willie’s BBQ and Fish [East Bay]
614 14th Street, Oakland

Bo’s Barbecue [East Bay]
3422 Mount Diablo Boulevard, Lafayette

Everett and Jones Barbeque [East Bay]
2676 Fruitvale Avenue, Oakland

Everett and Jones Barbeque [East Bay]
126 Broadway (near Jack London Square), Oakland

KC’s Bar-B-Que [East Bay]
2613 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley

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