Those of you looking to blow off a little steam might want to book tickets to Spain, where later this month the annual La Tomatina will be held. I’m sure lots of folks have heard of this wacky event that has townspeople and visitors throwing tomatoes at each other, but until you see the photos, published by Spiegel Online this week, you may not be able to grasp the sheer joyous insanity of the huge tomato fest.

If you can imagine tens of thousands of people tossing about 300,000 pounds of smushed, ripe tomatoes until the town square of Buñol (near València) has been “transformed into a sea of tomato juice,” you might get close.

Why did they start doing it? It goes back to an accidental fight at a festival in 1945, though no one can say exactly how the fight started. Why do they keep doing it? Because it’s crazy good fun.

La Tomatina takes place the last Wednesday in August. Just be sure to pack your goggles!

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