I’m a little bit late writing about this, as the episode took place two weeks ago, but who caught the season opener of Project Runway? Did you see? They repeated the very first Runway challenge ever, asking contestants to visit an NYC grocery store and use what they found there to make a garment.

What a disappointment! There was nothing to rival Austin Scarlett’s corn husk dress from the first iteration of the challenge. A sick number of contestants chose tablecloths and shower curtains to construct their dresses; one poor unfortunate chose garbage bags, and the result was fit only for the garbage. One somewhat-innovative yellow tablecloth dress was enlivened with a spray of kale, peppers, and cherry tomatoes; the effect reminded me of Mother Nature from the ’70s Chiffon Margarine commercial.

The two best dresses were made out of plastic cups, vacuum cleaner bags, and coffee filters. Where were the Twizzlers, the lacy lettuce leaves, the dresses made from food wrappers and peanut butter cups? As the Code Orange Michael Kors noted, where was the transformation? And where was the deliciousness?

See if you agree. Let’s start the show.

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