A couple of weeks ago, we heard of the strange Viagra-like powers of watermelon. Now there’s news of another food that apparently confers sexual vitality: bat.

The Associated Press reports that Thai farmers in the northeastern province of Kalasin augment their meager earnings by hunting and eating bats. The piece doesn’t mention which of the many, many bat species it is that the Thais are dining on, but apparently, it’s a delicious one: “‘Bat meat, it’s so tender and sweet,’ Kamsee Phuphala, 57, says between mouthfuls. ‘You can eat the whole thing.’”

Of course it’s good. The bats are first roasted over charcoal, then the meat is mixed with sugar and a spicy paste and fried. I’d almost eat my hand if it was prepared in that manner.

The bats are also a popular treat among elderly men, who claim they can “boost your performance.”

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