How I wish the list of mail-order artisanal products in the August issue of Martha Stewart Living was online. But no, “Born in the U.S.A.—Artisanal Specialties Delivered” is only in print. However, Martha’s editors’ roundup of orderable foods and beverages is so choice that it’s easily worth the cost of the magazine. Buy and clip and save, as they say, and then see if charges for amounts like $36.50 don’t start showing up on your credit card statements.

I have absolutely no problem with most of the article’s selections. June Taylor’s jams and syrups? The sea-sweet plump shellfish from Hog Island Oyster Company? The sublime cheeses of Jasper Hill Farm? Good, good, and good.

Just a couple of quibbles though: Martha gave the nod to bean concern Rancho Gordo in Napa, California, but I actually think the selection is much better at Phipps Country Store and Farm in Pescadero, California. Similarly, the Martha mob chose to feature the (admittedly sublime) olive oils of McEvoy Ranch, while I feel that the oils from Stonehouse California Olive Oil Company are just slightly closer to heaven.

Chowhounds have their own favorites, and the best sources for mail-order chocolates and spices are frequently batted around. Meanwhile, Martha would love it if you’d tell her your favorite vendors. But since Martha appears to want readers’ contributions, kind of lame to not put her own list online. Phooey. Use CHOW’s list instead.

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