Scharffen Berger? Been there, done that. Dagoba? So last year. If you want be in on the very latest in artisan chocolates, look to the microproducers who are using technology to bring their chocolate to a new level—one that is much closer to European chocolate than Godiva.

According to a piece in the Los Angeles Times, the new breed of chocolate makers is not content to control factors like percentage of cacao solids. Instead, artisans like Steve DeVries of DeVries Chocolate in Denver and Wired cofounder Louis Rossetto, whose Tcho chocolate company is in “beta” right now, are involved in the process “from bean to bar.” They obsessively search out just the right equipment, travel the world looking for the best beans, and generally produce only small batches of truly high-quality chocolate.

These ain’t no munchin’ bars though. Chocolate like this makes true chocoholics flip out, and at more than $5 per bar is best eaten as the most famous literary chocoholic—Charlie—does: a tiny nibble each day until it’s all gone.

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