It started at Nice Matin, the West Side brasserie that boasted of an upscale hamburger so drippingly delicious it was dubbed the Five Napkin Burger. Last month the restaurant’s owners spun off a Midtown bar and grill called (what else?) Five Napkin Burger.

The namesake specialty, a jaw-breakingly thick 10-ouncer topped with Comté cheese and caramelized onions, does not disappoint, Miss Needle reports: “The juices kept running down my hand and arm as I was biting into it.” Other variations include a bacon-cheddar burger; a bunless, lettuce-wrapped “Inside Out” burger; turkey or tuna burgers; and the lamb kefta burger (“incredibly tasty,” delikado raves).

Beyond burgers, hounds like the crisp, salty fries; mussels steamed in ale; and the impressive beer list. They’re less enthusiastic about the lineup of sushi rolls, which some find out of place. “I couldn’t help but wonder why I was eating sushi as a precursor to my burger,” delikado says.

Five Napkin Burger [Theater District]
630 Ninth Avenue (between W. 44th and 45th streets), Manhattan

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