It seems like everybody’s jumping on the CSA bandwagon this year, which means that I’m probably not the only one with a fridge that’s frighteningly overstuffed with fresh produce. Fortunately, the Kitchn has offered seven superhelpful tips for managing your weekly CSA share.

Some of them are no-brainers, like putting the food away immediately, organizing your fridge, and saving leftover veggies that “aren’t quite enough for a whole recipe” until you get your next batch. And some of these helpful hints are obvious to the Type A personalities among us, such as planning meals for the week based on your CSA share and keeping a list of the produce you’ve got in stock. The Kitchn likes to keep its fruit and veggie list “posted right on the fridge so we see what’s in there and cross things off as we use them.” (This is a brilliant idea for anyone who has had the misfortune of finding stanky radishes in the back of her produce drawer.) But this one may be the best tip of all:

Wilt down greens right away. Since the leafy greens take up the most space and usually get wilted down anyway, why not wilt them down to begin with? An armful of chard wilts down to about a cup, which can then be stored in a container and added to dishes as needed.

For anyone whose roommate (or spouse) has left a bunch of kale on the counter to make room for a six-pack of beer, this hint is heaven sent. And if you’ve really got more produce than you can handle, the Kitchn also recommends blanching and freezing berries, beans, and corn.

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