One of the best new vendors at the Friday morning farmers’ market in Sonoma is Kashaya’s Brick Oven Pizza, says Melanie Wong, who visited and posted photos. Kashaya’s day job is baking for Whole Foods in Petaluma, and she learned about wood-burning ovens while working at Della Fattoria.

The pizzas are baked to order in a brick oven on a trailer that’s fired up well before the market opens and transported there hot.

“The pizza crust, made with organic flour, is great with the special nuance that wood smoke and high heat add,” says Melanie Wong. “Chewy-tender on the puffy edges, stretched extremely thin in the middle, crisp on the bottom, and full of yeasty goodness.” Melanie ordered hers “scorched,” but it got a little tough when it cooled; the regular well-browned way is probably better.

Spinach, ricotta, and garlic pizza perfectly balances salt and savory against the green leafiness of the baby spinach. Other topping combos include potato, rosemary, and mushroom; and apricot, strawberry, and slivered almonds. Some toppings run out toward the end of the market, so order early. Pizzas are $7 regular size, or $12 large.

Kashaya sells at both the Tuesday and Friday Sonoma markets and the Cotati market on Thursday evenings. She also does catering.

Over in Petaluma, Melanie also tried pizza at a franchise of one of Oregon’s favorite pizzeria chains, Pizzicato. At lunch, two slices with a fountain drink is $6.99 with tax, and costs even less if you order cheese pizza.

“The crust is very thin, well-browned, and crispy-chewy,” she says. “The April special had savory bits of scallions and fresh herbs combined with sweet caramelized red onions and nuggets of prosciutto.”

“Toppings aren’t pedigreed,” she continues, “yet they’re wholesome and fresh and good quality at this price.” The place is located in a strip mall next to Whole Foods, and has “a fast-food feel.”

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Sonoma and Cotati farmers’ markets

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615 E. Washington Street, Petaluma

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