Authentic jerk chicken, the spicy Jamaican street food, contains habanero peppers, allspice, scallions, and thyme, says Val.

9lives makes a “lazy man’s” jerk chicken, saying, “I don’t pretend that this is authentic, but it’s easy and good.” He makes a paste in a food processor with habaneros, red onion, scallions, ginger, garlic, vinegar, olive oil, allspice, cilantro, and fresh thyme, adjusting the amounts to taste. (9lives warns that it’s important to take special care when handling extra-hot habaneros, and especially to avoid touching your eyes.) Rub some of the paste on the chicken, refrigerate for 24 hours, then grill, basting with the remaining paste.

diva360 recommends this recipe for jerk chicken, and alkapal says Steven Raichlen’s jerk seasoning and sauce will “light your fire, it’s that wonderful.”

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