The exotic summer flavors of Orbit gum remind StephP of “the chewing gum which has a three-course dinner in it” from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, as you can sometimes perceive three or four clear flavors at once. She finds the Mint Mojito flavor to be “a bit strange,” and the Maui Melon Mint “even stranger but in more likeable way.”

LaLa likes the Mint Mojito flavor, as does Olallieberry, though she finds the Maui Melon Mint to be disgusting. “I had to spit it out instantly,” she says. Other flavors Olallieberry has tried include Sangria Fresca (not very good) and Strawberry Mint (good), but she has yet to sample the Fabulous Fruitini.

ipsedixit thinks they are all terrible because they’re “too sweet and tangy.” kcijones001 agrees, and adds “the flavor lasts all of a minute.”

Board Link: Orbit gum: faves from summer flavors?

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