Chinatown’s Dumpling Cafe has been open a mere week, yet it’s already the subject of breathless gossip on the boards. More experimentation (and perhaps a Chowdown?) is needed, but gourmaniac gave it a tentative try this week and has some hot tips.

“It is a Taiwanese place and stands up well to the Taiwan Cafe and Gourmet Dumpling House,” says gourmaniac. Xiao long bao were “excellent,” with thin house-made skins.

Three-cup chicken was good, but there was too much bone in the chopped legs. It came with soup, “a nice light broth with pork, soft tofu, seaweed, and chopped tomato that had enough texture to make it clear that the soup hadn’t been standing all day.”

peelmeagrape was similarly enamored after a first visit, particularly with the crab and silky noodle claypot, with thin, translucent bean thread noodles, a strong but pleasing crab flavor, and fu zhu, dried tofu sticks without much flavor but with an interesting texture.

Dumpling Cafe [Chinatown]
695 Washington Street, Boston

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