Regular Web surfers can’t help but realize that bacon is hot right now; it seems like not a day goes by without some crazy bacon-related drink concept or sartorial statement busting out for public consumption on the Interblogs. Salon digs into the matter this week with a story that attempts to put its finger on the pulse of the meat’s popularity.

In a nutshell: Bacon is sexy. Bacon is rebellion. Bacon is kitsch. Bacon is etc., etc., etc. Each assertion is backed up (to some degree) with actual evidence, meaning that this particular Salon piece may be one of the most authoritative efforts to date to unravel the secret of bacon’s near-mystical appeal and dominance of the online chattering classes.

Also, it includes this terrific quote:

‘I see bacon as a celebration of an American birthright,’ says John T. Edge [director of the Southern Foodways Alliance]. ‘Four slices of Hormel Black Label, hissing in a cast iron skillet on a Sunday morning. To wear the bacon colors, to sport a bacon tattoo, is to announce your belief in the possibilities of bacon, in the American goodness rendered by a low-on-the-hog meat, transmogrified by smoke and salt.’

And a story in the food lit journal Alimentum titled “Stairway to Bacon” (not available online, sorry) amplifies the sense that the food is on the cusp of some kind of bizarre gastronomic superstardom. It looks as though the Bacon Show, Bacontarian, and are on to something …

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