More Reason to Be Smug About Eating Organic: A study comparing fields of conventional and organic strawberries over two seasons found that organic berries had “about 10 percent more antioxidants, ascorbic acid and phenolic compounds” than the conventional ones, and that the organic field had better soil health. via the Washington Post

Plastic Bags Granted Clemency in Cali: A proposal to ban plastic bags in California failed to pass after much debate about “whether the state was going too far in trying to regulate personal choice.” via the Associated Press

Cannibalism, Cool Before Tapas: Human flesh was a regular part of the European diet, Spanish fossils show. via National Geographic

My Mexican Is More Authentic-O Than Your Mexican: Rick Bayless and Jonathan Gold have a bitchfest over Bayless’s new LA Mexi-restaurant Red O. via OC Weekly

Trapped Miners Probably Craving Steak: Chilean miners are eating ham and jam sandwiches through a metal tube poked 2,300 feet down. via Eatocracy

Thread of the Week: Jezebel’s examination and classification of all the worst kinds of Yelpers, from the poets to the sticklers.

Deaths, Firings, Recalls, and Other Endings:

•Burger King is sold to investment group 3G Capital.

• A 100-pound mountain lion was killed while roaming around backyards in Berkeley, California, dangerously to Chez Panisse.

Debuts, Openings, and Other Beginnings:

• Condé Nast announces the resurrection of the Gourmet brand in print with a series of special-edition “cookbookazines.”

• Coors Light rolls out “Silver Bullet Aluminum Pint” bottles. No word on better beer. But there are chill-activated mountains on them.

•ABC renews Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution television show for another season. This time he’ll be running around in a vegetable costume in LA.

•A Texas man’s deep-fried beer, which consists of Guinness inside pretzel dough, sort of like a beer Hot Pocket, will be available at the Texas State Fair.

•Mario Batali’s Italian NY food emporium, Eataly, opens to big crowds. Employees all wear orange Crocs.

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