At Burger Kitchen, you can now pay $29 for a burger. It’s “The Natural,” one of their two burgers built around a Pat La Frieda beef patty. The Natural uses dry-aged beef, which explains the price. “The Natural burger is undeniably delicious and intoxicatingly rich. I loved it,” says maiweezy. “You can definitely taste the nutty, fruity, and a little-bit-funky bouquet of flavors from the dry-aged bits, and each bite gets better and better.”

maiweezy notes that the burger comes out medium when you order it medium rare. Some complain that the add-ons are improperly balanced, like a bit too much onion. “What I’ve concluded about this place is that the cooks’ and the owner’s ‘vision’ is not what’s making the burgers great. It’s just the Pat La Frieda patty. As long as they keep churnin’ out The Natural, though, I’m OK with that,” says maiweezy.

Other Chowhounds think that their other burgers, which usually run from $6 to $14, are pretty good but perhaps a bit overpriced.

Burger Kitchen [Fairfax Village]
8048 W Third St., Los Angeles

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