After searching the Bay Area for Taiwanese beef noodle soup, vliang is thrilled to have found a great version at TMM Desserts, a strip mall café in Millbrae. The broth is multidimensional, with a hint of anise, vliang reports, and is neither too spicy nor too oily. The la-mien/ramen noodles have bite, even by the time you reach the bottom of the (huge) bowl. And the beef, the ideal combo of lean meat, tendon, and fat, is cooked to melting perfection without losing any of its flavor.

TMM apparently started out as a tea and dessert place, and now is branching out into Hong Kong/Taiwanese small eats, with some Shanghai dishes to follow. There’s no English signage outside: You can find it next to the L&L Hawaiian Barbecue.

TMM Desserts [Peninsula]
350 Adrian Road, Millbrae

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