Saffron may be famous for being the most expensive spice in the world, but it only takes a small amount to unleash its seductive aroma. In fact, Chowhounds warn that it can be easy to overdo it: “Go easy, less is more,” says LJS, and TongoRad agrees: “It’s amazing the fine line between being subtle to overpowering.”

Saffron is a classic ingredient in Spanish paella, says MMRuth, while other hounds weigh in with rice dishes from varying cultures. It goes really well in kheer (rice or vermicelli pudding made in India), according to TongoRad, who uses Madhur Jaffrey’s recipe and adds saffron and white raisins.

Anonimo infuses saffron threads in very hot water, which he then uses to make saffron aioli. ElissaInPlaya is a fan of this saffron chicken (scroll down). One of MMRuth’s favorite uses for saffron is these saffron mashed potatoes.

Robin Joy cooks couscous in stock or water that has been infused with saffron, then uses this to make a salad with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, scallions, olive oil, lemon juice, chopped parsley, and feta cheese. JRL recommends Ina Garten’s saffron, zucchini, and herb couscous.

JungMann uses the spice to make a rosewater-saffron frosting for this Persian love cake.

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