Das Ubergeek tends to be pretty wary of Indian buffets: lukewarm, unfresh food slopped over older, unfresh food. But Haveli’s lunch buffet is nothing but good: The food’s absolutely fresh, and steaming hot. “I think it’s the best Indian restaurant in the Tustin / Irvine area,” says Professor Salt. It’s high-quality Punjabi fare.

Spinach is delicious. Vegetable korma is “the best I’ve ever had in the US.” As for stuffed karela (bitter melon), Professor Salt says: “If you LIKE karela, you are going to go insane for their stuffed karela.”

Adds Das Ubergeek: “The sign that this was excellent northern Indian food was that when we were done, there was no oil left on the plate. So many Indian restaurants load up their food with ghee to the point where the food is exuding fat as it cools; Haveli does not do this, yet their food tastes rich enough.”

The buffet is $8.99 per person, all you can eat, and $3 for a bottomless cup of tea. It’s a nice-looking place, too, with linen napkins and everything. Buffet is every lunch, and Tuesday and Wednesday dinner. Other nights, it’s menu time.

Haveli Fine Indian Cuisine [Orange County]
13882 Newport Avenue, Tustin

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