VH1 website the Best Week Ever caters to the groan-up (ouch) in you with a list of punny business names, many of them for restaurants. As usual, Thai eateries provide a rich source, among them En Thai Sing, Thai Me Up, and Thai Tanic. Other notables include a restaurant called Nin Com Soup and a hot dog place called Award Wieners. Some are double groaners, such as Pita Wrapbit (wraps, pitas, and smoothies), and Chipsy King (which appears to specialize in french fries). I thought for sure some of these photos were doctored, but Master Bait & Tackle appears to be a real place, as does the contracting company Get Plastered.

Punny restaurant names have long provided entertainment for Chowhounds, who have compiled similar lists of painful appellations in the past.

Bon appetitter!

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