Liederkranz cheese is a “stinky” cheese developed decades ago as an American version of Limburger, says cheesemaestro. “The same guy who developed the recipe for Liederkranz was also responsible for creating Velveeta,” says cheesemaestro. It’s back on American shelves—coll found some advertised at a local grocery store for $4.99 for a six-ounce wedge—and there was much rejoicing from Chowhounds who remember the stuff from years ago. “This is wonderful news. Liederkranz is a long lost friend of mine,” says bushwickgirl.

Will Owen “grew up eating the mild, not-very-stinky stuff from Amish co-ops in Illinois,” he says. “It was the family’s sandwich cheese of choice. I remember its having a nice rich flavor I’ll always think of as simply ‘cheesy,’ and not being salty at all either.” How’s the new version? coll gives it a 100 percent positive review and admits to being “totally hooked.”

The new Liederkranz is being manufactured by DCI Cheese Company in Wisconsin, says cheesemaestro. “Another excellent American original stinky cheese is Brick,” says cheesemaestro. “There are a few producers in the Midwest. I particularly like the Brick made by Joe Widmer in Wisconsin.”

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