The new bakery/sandwichery owned by Dennis Leary, of Canteen fame, is now open for breakfast only, hounds say. It’s called Golden West, but the sign says Au—the periodic table’s symbol for gold, in case high school chem was just a little too long ago. Fortunately, the breakfast menu so far won’t take up too many gray cells: almond bear claw, raspberry coffee cake, blueberry muffin. Hours are roughly 8 to 10 a.m.

Coffee cake is fantastic, says JasmineG. “Raspberries inside, almonds on top and nice and crispy, very moist and yet crunchy on top, and still warm.”

“The bear claw was warm and delicious, flaky pastry-like,” adds Celery. And The Dive vouches for the blueberry muffin.

Golden West [Financial District]
8 Trinity Place, San Francisco

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