The chicken liver salad on the lunch menu at Eccolo “may be the best dish I have ever had there,” says Morton the Mousse. “There were two generous skewers of wood-grilled chicken livers, wrapped in pancetta, nice and rare with a beautiful char. The skewer also contained a few delicious, soft croutons infused with liver juices.” The meat has “none of the overly bitter or harsh metallic flavors I associate with sub-par liver.” It’s all served over a simple salad of frisée and mâche.

Eccolo also serves “perfect” beignets, says Morton the Mousse, that are “light and fluffy on the inside, crispy on the outside.”

Eccolo [East Bay]
1820 Fourth Street, Berkeley

Board Link: Chicken Liver Salad and Beignets at Eccolo

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