Soon, former jailbirds based in New York state may have an easier time snagging jobs at restaurants—and at hotels and sports arenas, too. Rick Sampson, chief executive of the New York State Restaurant Association, told Crain’s New, “With the tightening of immigration laws and the number of new restaurants increasing, there is more pressure now than ever before to find good help.” So, the restaurant association is getting behind proposed legislation to help refill the “shrinking labor pool.”

Under current New York Alcoholic Beverage Control laws, businesses that have a license to sell alcohol for consumption on their premises can only hire convicted felons who have either received an official pardon or been specifically approved by the New York State Liquor Authority.

The legislation proposes eliminating that rule, in a move that would make it far easier to fill positions such as busboys, waiters, chefs and delivery workers.

It seems like a fine idea to give folks a second chance once they’ve done their time in the slammer, but since restaurant employees tend to have a bad reputation for excessive partying, they might not be the best role models to help the ex-convicts integrate back into society.

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