Starbucks is suffering a new nickname since Mark Dice, founder of a group called the Resistance, took issue with the coffee chain’s vintage mermaid logo. In a recent press release, Dice stated, “The new Starbucks logo has a naked woman on it with her legs spread like a prostitute.” He may have overstepped with his reference to prostitution, but his description of the mermaid’s pose is pretty much on the mark.

According to the Epi-Log, the coffee-cup tramp stamp will only be available in the short term. “The logo is a temporary addition to Starbucks coffee cups and will be a permanent logo for Starbucks’ Pike Place Roast coffee bags. It’s a more demure version of the original 1971 logo,” Michael Y. Park writes.

Of course, if you happen to find that you enjoy some boobs with your morning latte, the Epi-Log points you to Washington state, home to 14 locations of Cowgirls Espresso—where the baristas wear bikinis—and also home to Grab ‘N’ Go Espresso on Highway 99, where the barista at the drive-through window goes topless, save for “bright blue stickers strategically placed on her chest.” When Everett, Washington’s HeraldNet questioned the “sexpresso” stand’s owner, he said that he employs his own 17-year-old daughter at Grab ‘N’ Go. If you ask me, Big Daddy better watch what his customers are grabbing.

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