The main difference between liverwurst and braunschweiger, says dct, is that braunschweiger is nearly always smoked, and liverwurst is not. ChrisOC finds that braunschweiger has a stronger flavor. “I love it on buttered rye with sliced onion, salt and pepper,” he says.

But more important than the difference between braunschweiger and liverwurst are the differences among liver sausage brands, says FoodFuser. Some are delicious, he says, and “some are revolting in their overly fatty content.” He recommends trying several brands, making sure to read the label for descending inclusion of pork liver, pork, pork fat, and bacon. Try the different brands side by side, in both cold and room-temperature conditions, if possible. “German delis may offer a range for sampling. Again, you can read the label if you ask,” says FoodFuser. “Spicing and smoking make a difference. Mace is a classic component in some traditional recipes. Bottom line: try a few types, find the one you like the best.”

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