“Just returned from one of my most satisfying taco runs in recent memory,” says degustateur. “Tijuana’s Tacos, located in a Pomona strip mall, has just enriched my life with its tortilla-based poetic expressions.”

These are truly Tijuana-style tacos, with guacamole, grilled onions, and jalapeños. Al pastor tacos are exceptional in flavor and texture, with “a mix of charred, crunchy end pieces, lean chews and soft, fatty bites to round things off,” says degustateur. “Some of the very best ever!”

Chorizo tacos, tripas tacos, and chile tacos are all perfect. But the height of all: the loco, an oversized taco with al pastor, carne asada, and chorizo. “The pastor and chorizo were chopped and blended whereas the asada was left as a bottom skirt, virtually intact. Poetry in a tortilla,” says degustateur.

DWB noticed the griddle was half covered with cactus leaf strip, and ordered an El Taco Pobre—a six-inch tortilla with melted white cheese, refried beans, and grilled cactus leaf, a.k.a. nopales. The thing is rocking; simple and sublime.

“Will I return? Ha-ha! If they didn’t close at 2am, I might be on my way back there now,” says degustateur.

Tijuana’s Tacos [Inland Empire]
485 W. Holt Avenue, Pomona

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