Teuscher Champagne Truffes John & Kira’s Drunken Chocolate Figs BonBonBar Candy Bars

1Mast Brothers Chocolate Assortment of Ten Bars ($92). The Mast brothers handcraft chocolate bars in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, then wrap them in superclassy papers sporting classic Florentine designs. Good for someone who takes his chocolate very seriously.

2Zoë’s Chocolate Company Signature Chocolate Collection ($12.95 to $36.50). These assortments of chocolates are inspired by Mediterranean flavors such as orange blossom oil, pomegranate, pistachios, and tahini. They’re made in Pennsylvania by a third-generation chocolatier.

3Teuscher Champagne Truffes ($41). These Swiss truffles are made with chocolate, butter, and cream, and have a Dom Pérignon Champagne–cream center. They’re simple and understated, with a light dusting of powdered sugar, and come in a bright green box.

4John & Kira’s Drunken Chocolate Figs ($19.50). Thin-skinned Calabacita figs from Spain are hand-filled with a whiskey-chocolate ganache, then dipped in a thin coating of chocolate.

5BonBonBar Candy Bars (prices vary). Nina Wanat hand-makes candy bars in Los Angeles with flavors like coffee ganache with caramel; caramel nut; and single-malt Scotch.

6Black Dinah Chocolatiers Farm Market Collection ($20). How often do you see products from remote islands in Maine? Isolation and novelty aside, Black Dinah creates great confections. These truffles use seasonal ingredients from local Maine farms, such as chèvre, pumpkin, and blueberry.

7Theo Confections 12 Piece Collection Box ($26.40). Always-beautiful Theo confections come in flavors like fig fennel and burnt sugar. Two salted caramel varieties are also included.

8La Maison du Chocolat Habanera Gift Box ($47). Dark and milk chocolate ganache candies infused with plum and peach in a cute round box from a popular French chocolatier.

9Neo Cocoa Signature 10 Piece Gift Box ($24). These San Francisco truffles come in knockout flavors including almond butter and smoked sea salt; freshly zested lime; and toasted coconut. And they’re appealingly handmade-looking (i.e., not too perfect).

10L.A. Burdick Chocolate Mice ($32 to $46). Delightful little mice with almond ears and silk tails packaged in a wooden box. The three varieties are dark chocolate with orange interior, milk chocolate with mocha, and white chocolate with cinnamon.

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